White Star

"One of the great, classic thrillers of all time. Intricate, pulse-pounding, explosive, gripping beyond all measure. I highly recommend it."
--Douglas Preston

Owen Gray is a sniper. Not just a sniper. He was America’s best, with a record-breaking kill in Vietnam. He was a man who could hide motionless for days at a time waiting for the microsecond in which he would take out an enemy with one clean shot at 1,300 yards. He did this 96 times. The Marine Corps renamed its sniper range in his honor.

Now Gray just wants to quietly live his life as an assistant U.S. district attorney in New York, raising his three adopted children.

But suddenly a sniper—a rogue Russian soldier—kills an innocent New Yorker standing near Gray. The Russian issues a challenge: meet Gray in the field for a duel, or he will kill again. Gray is determined to protect himself and his family. And so a deadly duel begins, the legendary Marine Corps sniper versus a mysterious Russian marksman.

"A classic. It's a heart-stopping, cat and mouse game where the consequences for both players are more than dire. James Thayer is a master of twists and this tale is one of his best."
--Steve Berry

“Tough stuff. It is highly original and absolutely riveting.”
—Irish Independent

“A heart-thumping thriller . . . .”
—Boston Globe

“Absorbing . . . . gripping. [Thayer’s] writing is smooth and clear. Deceptively simple, it wastes no words, and it has a rhythm that only confident stylists achieve.”
—The New York Times Book Review

“A gripping espionage tale . . . entertaining, fast-paced, even educational . . . . Thayer’s prose is clear and clean, and the small details of a professional sniper’s life are fascinating. . . . White Star is a winner.”
—The Seattle Times

“’White Star humanizes the art of killing. It brings emotion and righteousness to the lonely world of a sniper. . . speed and action to a skill that is often slow and deliberate. A ‘one shot—one kill read.’”
—Richard Marcinko