"A tremendously successful tale of suspense . . . an exceptionally tight plot . . . impeccably correct detail."
—Houston Post

It was a strategy born of desperation. Adolf Hitler believed that the death of one man—Franklin Delano Roosevelt—could save Nazi Germany. Yet how could an assassin get anywhere near Roosevelt in the summer of 1944? Every attempt to insert agents in American had failed.

But a hardened German commando—Capt. Kurt Monck—is already inside the United States, in a POW camp near Seattle.He is to be the chosen instrument. In a coded message he is ordered to escape from the POW camp and travel east. The plan works perfectly. At first. His trail is soon picked up by a United States Secret Service agent John Wren, a dogged manhunter who becomes Monck’s nemesis.

The German commando races east, and Wren chases after him. President Roosevelt is travelling in his specialized train to the Democratic convention in Chicago. Whether he gets there will be a close run thing.

"I simply could not put it down . . . Thayer's research is staggering."
—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"Simply put, this is the best novel I have read since Day of the Jackal. . . . A blockbuster of a novel."
—Chattanooga News-Free Press

"Gripping . . . fast-moving . . . Action -packed . . . one of the better World War II tales."
—Pittsburgh Press

"Belongs in the same company as The Day of the Jackal . . . brutal, brisk, and believable . . . . The finale sings."
—New York Daily News

"James Thayer recreates the landscape of home-front America vividly . . . . His characters reveal depth and passion as well as emotion . . . . The story's exquisite tension creates an intriguing crescendo."
—Baltimore Sun